By Godfrey & Mooney

Did you know the word whatever is not in the bible? There is no message that you can preach that it doesn’t matter what you believe in. Some things matter. Whatever is not in your bible, and whatever does not get it. Any old kind of faith and any old kind of doctrine is not going to cut it, there is no whatever in the bible. That is revolutionary. Some people seem to think that there may be a whatever in the bible.

Let’s put whatever to the test, shall we? Let’s see if whatever will work. Someone said there are six great judgment seats in life. Six great things that judge everything about us in life. Let’s take whatever to the judgment seat of the natural laws. Let’s pretend you are standing on the overpass of a interstate, and you have a 18 pound bowling ball in hand. Whatever don’t get it. You say I am going to drop this bowling ball.

And the person beside you says, whatever. No. Whatever does not get it. There is a law of nature called the law of gravity that will go into effect as soon as the ball is released. No one is going to drop a bowling ball and watch it float. Take an individual on a ledge who is getting ready to jump, that is certainly not a whatever. If you jump you are going to suffer the consequences of the jump.

Take a piece of paper and say I am going to throw it in the fire, or not throw it in the fire, it is a critical decision. There is no whatever, because if you throw it in the fire it burns. There is the law of fire, the law of gravity, the law of wind, the law of water where the floods come and destroy. There is no whatever in nature! Nature is merciless! It does not look down on you and say, well, he’s a nice guy so when he jumps let him float.

There is no whatever. I guess its just the cool thing to do these days though. What do you think about this? Whatever. What you should do about this. Whatever! Whatever does not hold up and it is not in the bible. You can’t find that word in the bible. And when you put that word to the test of natural laws it does not hold up. Take the area of physical laws.

Physical laws. Did you know there are physical laws? If you take alcohol into your body because you want to drink and someone says whatever, there is no whatever! Someone says do a little drugs, there is no whatever to drugs, someone says get mixed up in false doctrine, there is no whatever to false doctrine. All of it has consequences! You can choose to drink but you can’t choose the consequences!

People are settling for a whatever attitude. People are self destructing on the idea that it does not matter what you believe. That it doesn’t matter where your faith was, or how you feel about God. Put whatever to the test and see if it holds up to the physical laws. Stick you hand in the flame and you will get burned. Physical laws apply, there is no whatever.

Take the third judgment seat of life and stick whatever in there. The judgment seat of civil law. Try doing a whatever on a cop when your doing 65 miles an hour in a 45. Whatever does not apply, there is no whatever. We must find out who God is here, we must find out what the truth is here. Whatever is the symbol of compromise. There is not any old kind of church or any old kind of way. Eph 4:5-6 One Lord, one faith, one baptism,
One God and Father of all.. Whatever does not get it.

Take whatever and submit it to your conscience. Many people think my conscience does not matter, but it does. Your conscience can kill you. Guilt can kill you and guilt can destroy you. You can’t just say I’ll commit this act of aggression against someone and whatever. There is no whatever and you just can’t throw it all away with whatever.

Take whatever and submit it to the court of public opinion. There is a court of public opinion that is both good and bad, and we are all affected by it. People think politicians are the only ones elected or selected, but in a sense we are all selected or elected. Someone is always going to decide about how they are going to react about us or how they feel about us. Whatever does not get it.

If you say you can dress anyway you want to you might get raped, if you act anyway you want to you might go to jail. Whatever does not cut it. Then finally when you submit whatever to the court of God’s judgement, the only court that really matters. Can you imagine someone going up to heaven and saying, whatever! Whatever does not buy you anything. There has to be something beyond this idea of whatever.

Whatever does not exist in the bible, and must not exist in my heart. We would not have a country today if Thomas Jefferson would have said, whatever! If abraham Lincoln said whatever we would have never overcome the struggle of slavery. You can not be what God has called you to be with the idea of whatever. Whatever does not and can not make you into what you ought to be in this world and the world to come.

People are doing everything they can to find out what is going on in the natural world. We see it with nasa every time they send out a probe or robotic car to mars to find answers to unlock more of the universe. What are we doing to explore the spiritual world around us? How is your prayer life? How much are you seeking after the divine things that will outlast the shining sun?

Whatever does not get it, what gets it is a determination that abraham had, I’ll take every step, I’ll go every mile, I cross every T, and dot every I, I will do the right thing that God has called me to do! When Moses came down that mountain it was not whatever that wrote the words in stone and put the tablets in his hand, but the anointing and power of a almighty God!

Whatever will never get it.

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