The Presidential Debate, And Collectivism.

By Godfrey

Mitt Romney dominated and destroyed Obama in the first presidential debate Wednesday night, landing punch after punch knocking him out of the political ring for an easy win. I may be jumping the gun here, but I think its safe to say hello to your new president Mitt Romney, who at times welled up with tears over the concern for America’s current direction.

I think he will make a good leader for this country even though his religious beliefs are in question considering Mormons have ties with the freemasons and freemasons have ties with the occult. The other thing that bothers me about Romney would be his belief in a “military second to none” in his own words. Which means no end in sight for war. If you missed the debate or want a refresher, here is Romney knocking Obama out cold.

I think we should cut our military spending in half and bring the troops home after a decade of perpetual war, something I don’t think either Obama or Romney would do. I really don’t see how Romney could do much worse than Obama who has forced himself on the American people with Obama care, and raping this country with the loss of over 20 plus million jobs.

Obama did however have his work cut out for him when he took over for little George Bush, the skull and bones secret society Texan. It seems to me that no matter who becomes president with the best intentions, or best lies, none do all they told us they would do, and in some cases leave more work for the other guy after him, and future generations ahead of us.

Maybe its time we look a little deeper into who should be running our country and less about trinkets given out by those who would like to stay in power, or those who would like to have it.

Now for a deeper look into collectivism, for a richer fuller insight of how the political game works and functions.

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