Hack, Attack.

(pravda) Russian security forces are recruiting talented young professionals in the field of hacking. The Ministry of Defense, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Ministry for Education announced “the all-Russian competition for research works among the citizens of the Russian Federation in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”

“Your ideas can contribute to the solution of various problems that the national Armed Forces face today. They can become a part of the scientific and technological potential of the country,” said the agency.

The winners of the contest will receive valuable prizes and money awards. Most outstanding contestants may receive employment offers at the relevant departments of the Ministry of Defense, where young hackers will be able to realize their ideas in practice. If you are good enough to develop cyber weapons that would “destroy, block, weaken, deceive and capture” enemy computer systems. You are what your government is looking for.

Boeing Corporation has started the second phase of tests of the prototype of HEL MD mobile laser gun. During the tests, specialists will shoot the 10-kW solid-state laser. The power of the laser can be increased. All tests of the HEL MD laser gun are to be finished within three years. Afterwards, the military will launch the experimental use of the laser gun, CNews reports.

For the time being, the laser gun is quite large and has the power of 10 kW (with the required military minimum of 100 kW). However, this power is enough to destroy rockets and artillery shells. There is an opportunity to increase the power to avoid problems with the integration with 100-kilowatt or more powerful guns.

The self-propelled laser gun HEL MD is mounted on the chassis of heavy HEMMT truck. The gun is designed to intercept guided and unguided missiles, bombs, mortars and unmanned aircraft. The combat laser can also be used against enemy personnel and non-armored vehicles. The HEL MD gun will be used to defend military bases from air and artillery weapons in the first place.

The second phase of high-energy firing will last throughout 2013. Boeing hopes to prove the reliability and efficiency of guidance and power systems of the laser till end of next year.

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