Urgent Bible Prophecy Update Tonight: Live Stream!

Tonight at 7:45 central time there will be a live stream for you to watch this amazing prophecy update. Just click the link below to go.



  1. Steve Sterling

    Whatever we are seeing now that resembles the mark of the beast is just a pilot project to the real Mckoy. Whenever governments wants to introduce something sinister they usually introduce a precursor just to test the waters to see what people think. Then they will let it remain for a good while so that the populace get so accustomed to it that when the real thing comes it seems like nothing. That’s how the mark of the beast will be introduced and that’s the reason why many will accept it.


    1. Godfrey

      Yes. We are already seeing it Steve. Look no further than what’s going on in our school system across the USA. Like in Florida the kids are already paying for their lunches with the palm of their hand. And the prophecy clearly states that he cause all to receive a mark in their right hand just for the purpose of buying and selling. Rev 13:16. Then when you look at what is going on in India, who was one of the first countries to start a nationwide barometric ID program for its people, you would have to be spiritually blind not to know its on the door step. So yes, they are getting us use to the implementation of the mark already. And what’s a more secure location for a transaction than using your body itself as payment Steve? We are seeing the beginning of this prophecy come to pass right now, you and I. We could be just 20 to 30 years away before the return of the lord Jesus Christ to this earth. With any luck it will be sooner. God bless.


      1. Steve Sterling

        Godfrey, I think you are very generous and merciful when you say we might be just 20 or 30 years away from the Second Coming of Christ. I am here thinking that we may not have as much as 10 years here on earth. I hope it will be as long as you said because if it should happen within my time frame many would be lost who would otherwise be saved, perhaps, and that would be sad. Despite the proclamation of the message, we still have a lot of blind people among us who still need more time. May the God of mercy and wisdom preserve us as He sees fit.


      2. Godfrey

        Yeah, there is a lot that still has not happened that will happen before the return of the Lord. You won’t have to worry about lost loved one’s who know the way home once the mark of the beast goes into full force. You won’t have to beg, you won’t have to prod, you won’t even have to nudge them, they will flood the house of God and knock on your door for answers. Many people say, well, if I got 20 years before he gets back ill just keep living my life the way I want to live it. In reality, we could pass into eternity any hour of any day. Mat 24:42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. And if I was to add to that scripture it would be two words, “for you”


  2. john Ducusin

    Watch the live webcast of JESUS MIRACLE CRUSADE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY at JMCIM.TV (10 AM- 4PM) Philippine time.You will witness how God works in this endtimes. Incurable diseases are healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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