Dear Dad.

By Godfrey, Tue Dec 3 2012

You ever wish you could have your dad or mom back to tell them how you feel and how much you miss them? Well Christmas is almost upon us now and I sure do miss my Dad. He was snatched suddenly away from me one day a few years ago. My dad was the busiest man on planet earth, we never did get to talk as much as I would have liked, although when he spoke I always listened very carefully to what he had to say, and when he gave out those nuggets of wisdom I would sometimes contemplate them for days, Putting them forever in my heart to pass on to others.

He was a big man in the eyes of many, quite renowned really. Some loved him, others hated him, and certain people in his own group thought he was just down right false on his teachings. What did they know. Why just today are they starting to wake up and embrace what he has taught for many many years. I still remember his funny little eye that never worked right from an accident he had playing hand ball. I always thought how that must have really hurt. And how humbling it must have been to live with.

Once he told what his dad had to say about other people. There’s a little good in the worst of us, and a little bad in the best of us, so no one should be gossiping about any of us. Or something like that. Basically just saying we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. What I miss the most about my dad is not so much the nuggets of wisdom he passed along. For me it was those prayer meetings we had together. Oh how I will never forget those. And no one can ever take those away from me. Those will be forever lodged in the depths of my heart and mind for all time. When we were shut in with God, finding new power to run in the race.

I love you dad, I wish you were here. For we surly are living in those end times you always talked about.

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