The UN to control it all, Internet and you. – GodfreyDaily

By Godfrey

We are starting to enter a high coordinated censorship as the UN has there way.

In total about 150 nations are gathered in Dubai to renegotiate ITU (International Telecommunications Union) rules, which were last updated way back in 1988, before the Internet and mobile phones transformed communications today.

This will be a 12-day ITU conference, which began on Monday, largely pits money hungry countries and authoritarian regimes that want total control over Internet content against U.S. policymakers and private Net companies that prefer things as they are.

You would think Obama would stand against this in a big way by speaking out against it and not sending anyone to attend it. However, U.S. Ambassador Terry Kramer will be representing the USA at the conference in Dubai.

We are even seeing and hearing how we need to get rid of our guns from people like Bob Costas during NFL games, which is another UN goal. UN agendas are seeping into the sporting world putting a bad taste in the mouth of freedom lovers of the red, white, and blue.  If you have doubts that strict gun laws will ever take root in the USA, just take a look at our mother country Great Britain.

The net is starting to close in on the world as a whole, and everyone in power is starting to bow down to the world edicts of the United Nations.

We are running at break neck speed into speech regulation on the internet. Although the US ambassador is saying he is against UN regulation openly. How hard will he fighting for us privately? After all there is a UN building in New York, their hooks have been in this country for a very long time. With each and every inch the United States gives up in its fight for freedom, brings us another step closer to the edge, and we are teetering on the cliff of insanity here. You say it can’t happen?

They said there would never come a day when people would pay for goods and services with their hand and forehead too. And yet we now see kids being acclimated to do just that in the schools, paying for their lunches with their hands, which is a part their body. The bible warned us of these things coming upon us now, Rev 13:16, its our job to take heed and prepare for the coming storm called world government.

The very technology we so much depend on is being geared up to enslave the people of the world. Inch by miserable inch, one freedom at a time. The internet, the guns, all notches in the belt of the new world order. And when one looks deep into the red glowing crystal eyes of the beast, one can begin to see stacks of dead bodies of freedom lovers the world over. Are you ready for tyranny like you have never seen America? I am talking about a word governmental system that will carry out its laws with sanctions, drones, and razor sharp teeth of its military might.


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