China Sends Japan a Clear Message of Raw Power – GodfreyDaily

China sends its fighter jets right up to the Japanese Senkakus islands as many as 40 times in a display of raw power sending a clear message to Japan and its allies to back off or else. The Japanese quickly sent in its F15’s from Okinawan airbase in a desperate attempt to thwart any attack from China.

“It was an unprecedented threat,” one of the officials was quoted as saying.

Another said: “If such a show of force continues, it is feared it could lead to a situation where the (Japanese) air defence force may not be able to cope.”

One military report said China sent in Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30 fighter aircraft.

We have already seen Senior Colonel Liu Mingfu of China’s National Defence University warning of war with America, and warned Australia not to side with America and Japan in the coming fight. Australia quickly bent its knees in fear and dropped the U.S. Dollar at China’s whim.

Chinese naval ships have frequently buzzed around the five Tokyo-controlled islands lately causing diplomatic clashes in the region. If China decides to attack Japan anytime soon it will green light total war for Asia and much of the world.

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