Americans Drink Sewage Water – GodfreyDaily

Do you know what comes out of your tap? What are you drinking and bathing in? What if I told you it was raw sewage run through a filtration system. That’s right. The water that many people are drinking in America is toilet water.

I would bet many of them don’t even know it. Just like many of them don’t even know that forty one million Americans are exposed daily to tap water containing trace amounts of antibiotics, sleeping pills, and even sex hormones.

Let’s take North Texas for instance. Every drop of water flushed down the toilet there ends up at a sewage treatment plant operated and run by Trinity River Authority, and ends up in the Houston drinking water supply.

As if fluoride and drugged laced water wasn’t bad enough, flowing toxic soup in small chemical doses pumped through water taps unseen. People resigned to drinking, bathing, and swimming in the filtered crap of others. Washing dishes in human waste water. Butt don’t worry, they separate the toilet paper and feces out in a 12 hour filtration process. I’m sure all the rich people in Houston drink it too. Not!

And as human population grows around the world and droughts become worse, Texas wont be the only ones to get their fare share of crap in the future.

Why? Because we are running out clean water resources, and the elites want to sell to us blue gold at a high price in the future.

People think that water privatization is only a problem in the global south and the developing world, its simply not the case, we have the same situation in the U.S.” – W. Hauter Executive Director of Food and Water Watch.

People think that these water corporations are accountable to the communities that they server. Not true. They are only accountable to their share holders, and sadly few are asking the important questions.

How long do we have before clean drinking water is gone?

How many more sink holes will appear because we are draining the water tables underneath the earth?

Who owns the key water sources underground and how much will it cost in the future?

How is polluted water affecting our health and the health of our children?

What studies our being done to make sure people are not dying from this type of dirty water?

The time to make sure what we our consuming is now. We must not leave it up to others to decide what is best for us and our loved ones. Anyone willing to give us human waste to drink is also capable of giving us anything to eat.

Even Soylant Green doesn’t seem so far fetched for our future when Americans drink sewage water.


  1. Godfrey

    Better filtration systems? I know they have spiked the water with fluoride for about 50 years, but I’m not privy to how long Americans have been drinking their own crap. I think to many Americans will take anything given to them and say oh well. One is because of the fluoride brain fog people are in, another is people have lost hope or don’t know what to do.


    1. Teresa Geib Bacon

      I guess its fine for me, nothing gone yet except my brain! 🙂 Having said that this is a serious issue, especially for Fukashima W Coast folks. None of my family in Wa is concerned, life goes on. Just asked daughter if they had extra anything for the ;Grid Drill” they have extra water, maybe 2 cases? Everyones mind is outa site outa mind I think, but I am older now! I want to get a Berkey Water Filter. thank you


      1. Godfrey

        Berkey is a good idea, a water distiller is another if you live in the city that fluorides the city water supply. Fukushima is bad anyone eating seafood from the pacific is asking for trouble. Grid drill?


      2. Teresa Geib Bacon

        Hi, I asked this earlier today. ONLY on most Alt sites, is the articles, originated I think from Infowares. Alex is annoying and can be a little wrong, but he digs and digs. Nov 13 and maybe 14 is supposed to be a Natl Power Grid Drill for Cyberattack. Janet N mentioned it the other day as she left the WH, when they mention things usually means something in the works. False Flags could be all over the place w all that is wrong. We have La Sinkholes could crash, the Nuclear Sites are dumping into Ocean, the War O cant seem to get going, he will have to come up w something else. I have read for a long time on FEMA, extra Military from NATO here being trained, all ammo bought up, and on and on. The other day Govt decided not to give the spent brass to a Co that recycles it. They were going to just destroy it. But such a backlash they rescinded. Gee I am a barrel of fun today!! 🙂 If you have the capability, I wish you would search the Grid thing. I don’t see how they can even do more than half a day wit all the food loss, etc, and Business? More than I can wrap my head around! thanks


      3. Godfrey

        Alex has done humanity a great service and for that we all should be thankful. He has a team of writers and researchers and sources that go very high up in the chain of command. Here, there is just me, lol, but I’ll see what i can do. Gulp.


      4. Teresa Geib Bacon

        Thank you so much. I did not mean to imply Alex was anything but a good investigator, I have just found him wrong on occasion. I follow him faithfully. I appreciate your help on the Grid thing.:)


      5. Godfrey

        From what I can tell this all stems from one newyork times article which i need to write about. This is big time stuff Teresa. thanks for the heads up.


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