Genius revolutionizes cancer detection – GodfreyDaily

With bright young minds such as this one many diseases could be a thing of the past. However, its one thing to know how to find it, its quite another to know how to cure it. In the words of another genius…

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
― Hippocrates

Why listen to a genius like Hippocrates when we have the FDA to look after us making sure we take our pills and potions? Because healing foods make pharmaceuticals obsolete to the max. Did you know that the FDA has gone after healing foods like walnuts? Yes, even though there is scientific proof that walnuts lower high cholesterol. Healthy plant base oils must be evil to the FDA because they have gone as far as threatening walnut companies with imprisonment and harsh economic penalties for mentioning such scientific studies that tell of the health benefits of walnuts. Remember, God made good, man made bad. Everything we need for good health is already here on this planet in the form of natural raw organic foods, we just have to find them and eat them.

Better yet, grow them. Gasp!

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