Israel Launches Operation Blue Flag Drill | GodfreyDaily

It was code named blue flag, and it happens to be Israels largest Air Force exercise of all time, including US, Greek, and Italian countries. Although this was in the works for some time, they decided to launch it when the United States made a deal with Iran in Geneva, giving Iran the go ahead to enrich uranium and unfreezing Iran’s bank account of billions of dollars.

The message sent to Iranians and the world should be clear, we are getting ready to defend ourselves. Part of the IAF training is refueling its attack planes in mid air, along with identifying anti aircraft missiles it might face any time soon, and attacking enemy bases. These military exercises are planned to last a total of three days, with over 20 countries watching or participating in the drill.

Half of Israel’s air space is being used for the exercise, it reaches from the middle of the country all the way to the south. “We’re using a wide arena in order to simulate combating real operational challenges,” one officer added.

When asking Ambassador Shapiro if this military action was aimed at Iran he said, “all options are still on the table. The main objective is to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and we’ll do whatever is necessary.”

WWIII has never been closer than it is today, and the rehearsal is ongoing by all the major nations of the world. Israel appears to be at the heart of it for now, and could be the trigger or the tipping point that will set the world aflame.