The robotic human replacements are coming – GodfreyDaily

By Godfrey

The human replacement robots are coming, and your new boss has wires in his head. Don’t think so? Google’s Chief Engineer Ray Kurzweil said that by the year 2030 you would not be able to tell robot from a human.  That means the robotic human replacements are coming. We are already seeing this on the small scale. Take Kroger Grocery store for instance, when you check out at Krogers after 10 PM, you are no longer met with a guy or gal with a warm smiling face, or a cold indifferent frown. Instead, you are greeted with a robotic voice telling you to use discount cards, and place your food on the checkout scanner. It’s like being held up and robbed at gun point by a tin can from Lost in Space. Walmart, Target, Kmart, and many others have also joined in lockstep with the new robotic movement. Where multiple people used to check you out, now there is only the robotic replacements stealing real jobs from real people in need of a paycheck.

In today’s here and now robots work for us, but in the future we all work for them. Google has already bought Boston Dynamics, a research company that makes robotics for the Pentagon. Could they be making human replacements? Have they already? Would we know the difference? The company is already internationally known for its machines that walk and run faster than humans. Machines never get tired and can work around the clock, and with the advancements in technology they are far superior in intelligence, IBM’s Wattson defeated the best two humans in Jeopardy, in the man vs machine special, and it wasn’t even close.  Soon we the people will no longer be needed except those few who survive and thrive by servicing the robotic replacements.

Even automobiles of the future won’t let you behind the wheel, people will trust AI to take them from one destination to the next. You get in, you get out, no drivers license needed. In what the auto industry is calling “semiautonomous driving technology.”

Maybe you have heard of Foxconn, maybe not. They are a hardware maker. They do assembly line work for the big companies like Dell and Apple. They made headline news over their iPhone assembly when they looked like a cold hearted sweat shop from down under. People were jumping to their deaths because of poor working conditions, and you thought you had a bad job. Now, however, Foxconn is barely hiring anyone at all, except for very special skilled people. Why? Because they are putting one million robots into their factories by the end of 2014. No more suicides, no more health insurance coverage, and no more you.

Here are a few recordings I found of a robot who sounds almost human doing telemarketing calls and taking more jobs away from us.

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