Rand Pauls take on Obamacare and Spying on Trump – GodfreyDaily

Paul says we are going to get Obamacare lite and that Americans would still pay a tax penalty. Not to the government, but to the insurance industry themselves, at least for the first year. And that premiums would continue to soar through the roof under Paul Ryans plan.

When it came to Trump being spied on Paul says he thinks everyone has got it wrong on how they did it. Saying we wiretap foreigners and listen in on the presidents. Even low-level people could unmask the caller, for example, General Flynn. He even went on to say all leaders are caught in a net. But what he should have said is, not only are the president’s trapped in the net, but everyone everywhere is being spied on and having that data stored according to former NSA head William Benny. And that the American people are living in George Orwell’s worst nightmare. Even that new Samsung television you bought is spying on you right now. And once a government has that much power by working hand in hand with giant corporations they will never ever give it up, because absolute power corrupts absolutely.