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If the debt collectors come calling before Trump pays this debt back down significantly, it could make the crash of 2008 which achieved over a million people going homeless look like the best of times.

Obama almost doubled our national debt under his reign increasing it by $9 trillion, or an increase of 86%What most people fail on the left, the right, and in the middle to understand is, America could become the new Venezuela, and I don’t think anyone wants that to happen, so if you already haven’t prayed for Trump and his team to have the wisdom to prosper and lead this country in the right direction, you should do so now. No one person could have done more damage to this nation than Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Racking up more debt than almost all the other presidents combined.  It was too reckless not to be intentional. For he has made debt slaves of us all. And even more humiliating, is the majority of Americans gave him eight long years to do it to us. If the Fed just prints more money to pay down the debt, it will cause major inflationary pressures leading to a currency crisis.

Remember, Venezuela consumer prices skyrocketed to the moon, 800 percent leading to significant food shortages, I am talking about people being reduced to eating cats and dogs and scavaging for food through the dumpsters. Of course, if we don’t have enough dollars we always have enough missiles. And who owns the biggest part of our debt kiddies? Anyone, anyone, anyone? China. And what is war all about anyway? Money, liberation, and lots of death. If the US kills the creditors who have been ripping the US off for years, the national debt is virtually erased. Wouldn’t you say? Money+greed+debt = war and profits, and lots of body bags. But I like option number three better. Since we were dumb enough to let Obama wreck us, we should make a deal with our Asian friends. Sell China California instead of beating up their little brother North Korea, to provoke them into war. California is mostly a communistic state anyway, and land is what they want because over a billion people there make it somewhat crowded. The USA is worth 84 trillion. We owe China over a trillion in debt. California should be more than enough giving the US money left over to pay down more debt. Or we could use the Fed to pay off all the debt catching the printing presses on fire making a mountain of greenbacks and end up eating our pets to survive, (inflation). Or risk nuclear annihilation and a third world war by flexing our muscles in a volatile world state of affairs. You decide. Because as of right now our creditors combined own 1/4 of this nation. Putting everyone back to work is also an option, but it will take the time to bring in the jobs and build the infrastructure which Trump is trying to do. According to James Dimon, president and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase.


“Labor force participation in the United States has gone from 66% to 63% between 2008 and today. Some of the reasons for this decline are understandable and aren’t too worrisome – for example, an aging population. But if you examine the data more closely and focus just on labor force participation for one key segment; i.e., men ages 25-54, you’ll see that we have a serious problem. The chart below shows that in America, the participation rate for that cohort has gone from 96% in 1968 to a little over 88% today. This is way below labor force participation in almost every other developed nation.

If the work participation rate for this group went back to just 93% – the current average for the other developed nations – approximately 10 million more people would be working in the United States. Some other highly disturbing facts include: Fifty-seven percent of these non-working males are on disability, and fully 71% of today’s youth (ages 17–24) are ineligible for the military due to a lack of proper education (basic reading or writing skills) or health issues (often obesity or diabetes).”

Another problem is the Obama insiders and leftovers in the intelligence agencies who are globalist Obama puppets seeking to push another color war through the Clintons and the Obamas by the backing of George Soros, not to mention the US intelligence community went rogue taking orders from the Neocons and the deep state working against the President openly, accusing him of being a Russian agent pushing him headlong into a war to cause a distraction.

“Barack Obama may have left office on Jan. 20, but he didn’t go far – only two miles to the Kalorama neighborhood of Northwest Washington, D.C., where his family lives with former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who moved into his 8,200-square-foot $5.3 million mansion.

There, she reportedly convinced him to lead the opposition to his successor, Donald Trump.

Instead of stepping out of the picture, as have most former presidents, Obama has set up a sort of shadow government to protect his legacy and undermine Trump.

And former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is warning American Christians to come up with their own plan to counter Barack and Michelle Obama’s subversion.”

Gee, I don’t know Michele. What’s it called when a leader deliberately destroys your economy and is working in opposition to the newly elected leader even after he’s out of office? What’s it called when the newly elected leader is spied on within? What’s it called when all the public school books are all bought up by the Muslims, but they stay under the same company names as not to draw attention to themselves? Sending your Christian kids to public school is like letting them go on a field trip with Jeffrey Dahmer, and hoping their minds aren’t eaten alive. What’s it called when Obama was bringing in thousands and thousands of Muslims into this nation from the middle east but letting untold numbers of Christians be slaughtered while banging away on our doorstep trying to get in? What’s it called America when a woman like Bachmann has to stand up and do your fighting for you?

If Trump goes to war unnecessarily, he will be fighting within and without, going from a headache to a migraine.  A ground war with North Korea would just be another Vietnam at the very least. And he runs the risk of losing those who voted for him in the first place. Difficult to imagine China not stepping in to help its little brother. Sell China California, sell it to Russia, or even Mexico. If we sell it to China, they could take care of North Korea as part of the deal. Sell it to Mexico, and there’s enough money for China and the great wall of Trump combined. Sell it to Russia, and you have eased tensions with the bear and the eagle. We could always buy it back at a later date at twice the cost once we are out of debt. It’s better than the potential billions dying in another world war or another financial crash for all Americans. And you also took away 55 electoral votes from the Communist out west, I the mean Democrats. At the very least drill out most of the oil in Alaska, dig out all the gold, and pay off the debt we owe to China. “In 1998, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) examined ANWR’s coastal plain, specifically Area 1002, to estimate the amount of technically recoverable oil. Based on the geology, the USGS projected that there could be anywhere from 5.7 billion to 16 billion barrels of oil (average = 10.4 billion barrels).”  That was using old technology, so I think that’s a low estimate. 10 billion barrels at 50 dollars a barrel would come out to be about 500 billion.

In the end, self-reliance, and trust in God are the only solutions, but for now, it’s sell baby sell or drill baby drill, but in the end, I have a feeling it will be kill baby kill. “I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.”  – Written By R. L. Godfrey  

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