North Korea just test-fired another ballistic missile — only hours after the US pushed for tough sanctions to stop its weapons program. Pyongyang launched the projectile in the early hours of Saturday morning, Korean time, but it exploded just seconds after liftoff, according to a report in Yonhap News.

Source: Another North Korea ballistic missile test just failed | New York Post

Godfrey’s note: This is either incompetence or American sabotage by our sophisticated missile defense systems. How would you like to be the guy responsible for the failure of the missile test in North Korea in either case? Can you say job hazard of gigantic proportions, kiddies? Wars, if you like them, should be fought in the old ways, their best fighter against yours, the loser serves the winning country. It would save a lot of lives, ammunition, money, and resources. Otherwise, we all just destroy the earth and a large portion of humanity.

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