Political Violence: GOP Blamed for Media Lies That Kill

It’s hard to know if it’s more delusion or deception, but the media are again blaming President Trump for violence, this time after a Republican congressional candidate got physical with a reporter. Of course, the media’s accusation is much like Planned Parenthood or the MS-13 gang blaming George Zimmerman for our nation’s diminishing respect for life. Fake-news outlet the Washington Post is a case in point, currently running an article titled “The GOP inherits what Trump has wrought.” The paper opines, “The angry forces that propelled President Trump’s rise are beginning to frame and define the rest of the Republican Party.” “When GOP House candidate Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter who had attempted to ask him a question Wednesday night in Montana,” the Post continues, “many saw not an isolated outburst by an individual, but the obvious, violent result of Trump’s charge that journalists are ‘the enemy of the people.’ Nonetheless, Gianforte won Thursday’s special election to fill a safe Republican seat.”

Source: Political Violence: GOP Blamed for Media Lies That Kill