Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Even Know The Name of the President: A Total Embarrassment to the Democratic Party – GodfreyDaily

Godfrey’s note: Even grade school kids know the name of the president. I know she is the highest ranking female in political history and all but when is the last time someone checked to see if she still knows the spelling of her first name? She should be on a beach sipping fruit punch and popping ginseng like there’s no tomorrow in the short amount of time she has left on this rotating dust ball, not trying to score political points against the president she can’t even name. She still thinks George Bush is in office for crying out loud. Would someone please take the microphone away from her and draw her some pictures in crayon of the president with his name at the bottom. Seriously, she’s done this repeatedly. The Democrats are so clueless. And they wonder why they lost an election? My God this is so pathetically sad on all fronts there are no more words. The good news for the Democrats is Nancy Pelosi can still count to four.

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