Attorneys representing a Christian minister are asking an appeals court to rebuke the “defamatory statements” a federal judge unleashed when he found that federal law prevented him from continuing a damage lawsuit by homosexual activists in Uganda. As WND reported Tuesday, Judge Michael Ponsor issued an order granting American pastor Scott Lively a summary judgment in a lawsuit brought by a group called Sexual Minorities Uganda, also known as SMUG. SMUG had complained his declaration of the biblical perspective of homosexuality and his visits to Uganda caused them damage. They sued under the Alien Torts Statute, which the Supreme Court has said cannot be used for such claims. But the federal judge, known for his homosexual-rights advocacy, unleashed a torrent of hateful rhetoric against Lively anyway. Ponsor described Lively’s beliefs regarding homosexuality as “vicious and frightening,” and he said the pastor’s statements ranged from “the ludicrous to the abhorrent.”

Source: Pro-‘gay’ judge’s anti-Christian rant ‘clearly unlawful’

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