NBC Smear of Alex Jones: Another Epic Fail for Fake News MSM

After a disastrous debut with her Vladimir Putin interview, NBC anchor Megyn Kelly has struck out again, with a highly contrived and deceptive hit piece directed at Infowars.com host Alex Jones. “Tonight, we confront Alex Jones on his notorious lie about the Sandy Hook massacre,” Kelly said in a preface to the much-hyped program that aired Sunday night. She continued: “First tonight, our report on the incendiary radio host, Alex Jones. For years, Jones has been spreading conspiracy theories, claiming, for instance, that elements of the U.S. government allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen and that the horrific Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax. Some thought we shouldn’t broadcast this interview because his baseless allegations aren’t just offensive, they’re dangerous. But here’s the thing: Alex Jones isn’t going away. Over the years, his YouTube channel has racked up 1.3 billion views. He has millions of listeners and the ear of our current president.” That opening salvo revealed the real targets behind the Kelly/NBC attack on Jones: 1) the newer alternative media that is destroying the Big Media stranglehold on news delivery; and 2) President Donald Trump, whom the same media “progressives” have failed to destroy, despite their incredible, unprecedented campaign of hate, fraud, and lies. Along with the rest of the Fake News elitists, the globalists at NBC Universal are petrified that only 6 percent of Americans trust their reporting, and hundreds of radio and Internet media alternatives are garnering an ever-larger audience share of the news-consuming American public. In that independent media firmament, Alex Jones and his multiple Infowars platforms are the biggest stars, with, as the NBC piece noted, millions of listeners and viewers.

Source: NBC Smear of Alex Jones: Another Epic Fail for Fake News MSM