1 key distinction between left and right

What’s the difference? The left has its ideas, and the right has different ideas. Most people are not obsessed with politics. So most people don’t really pay attention to the way politics has taken such an ugly turn in America. But it’s hard to deny that nothing short of hatred is being evoked in the political arena today on a daily basis. When we see people picking up guns and shooting politicians they don’t like, it’s hard to deny. So, what’s driving this trend of rhetoric so hyperbolic and inciteful that it is actually being linked with violence? What’s driving the incendiary rhetoric is the loss of the presidential election by the Democrats, the de facto leftist party. Whether it’s the leadership of the party and the movement or the shock-troop foot soldiers on the ground, they are apoplectic. They are beside themselves. Not only did they lose the election, but it caught them totally by surprise. Even eight months later, they have not figured out why. They can’t look in the mirror and take responsibility for it. So, they make up conspiracy theories to explain it. In other words, they are

Source: 1 key distinction between left and right