#2. If you’re an evil doctor who only cares about money and power, how many years would you serve in federal prison for killing folks with chemotherapy who don’t even have cancer? The answer is 45 years. The psycho doctor Farid Fata was a Detroit area oncologist who defrauded Medicare and private insurance companies for more than $30 million in the biggest health care scheme the world has ever known, and this was just a few years ago. Working alongside psycho-blogger David H. Gorski (a.k.a. ORAC) at the Karmanos Cancer Center (where Gorski still operates on women’s breasts), Fata was poisoning innocent people, including children, with a deadly dose of chemo he called the “European Protocol.” His patients endured immense pain while Fata claimed it was their only chance of surviving their cancer – a disorder of the cells that they did not even have.

Source: 10 most evil people in the world today who lie about science, pharmaceuticals and GMOs – NaturalNews.com

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