“About 2010, I was in New York City, and the regimental commander I was with in the Battle of Fallujah, Colonel Willie Buell, is assigned there. He’s part of the Council on Foreign Relations. He just called me up and he said, ‘Hey, Pat, what do you want to do? Do you want to go the Met?’ I said, ‘No, how about we do a battlefield tour of Brooklyn?’” he recalled. The tour began at Battle Hill in Green-Wood Cemetery, where one of the largest battles of the Revolution began in August 1776. “We walked up and down the hills at Green-Wood, and then we walked through some alleys in Brooklyn. We found this old stone house park that’s still there. The original house that was in 1776, they took the stones from that house and reconstructed it,” he said. “At that house was really one of the epic small unit engagements in American history that nobody knows about. It’s the stand of the Maryland 400

Source: Patrick K. O’Donnell: How an Elite Unit of Iron Men Saved George Washington’s Army and Changed History

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