Texas Boys State Passes Secession Bill With “Cheering and Celebrating”

The secession movement in Texas just got an unexpected infusion of new blood. Here’s the story as reported by the Washington Post: Earlier this month, a secession bill won overwhelming support from the mock legislature in Texas Boys State, the American Legion’s summer program where youth leaders create and run their own government, as the Wise County Messenger reported Saturday. The vote, held June 15, marked the first time in the nearly 80 years since the program’s inception in Texas that both chambers of the Texas Boys State legislature voted in favor of seceding from the Union. For those unfamiliar with Boys State, here’s a little background provided by the Texas Boys State website: American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for high school students. It is a participatory program where each student becomes a part of the operation of his local, county, and state government. Boys State has been a program of The American Legion since 1935, when it organized to counter the fascist-inspired Young Pioneer Camps. The program was the idea of two Illinois Legionnaires, Hayes Kennedy and Harold Card, who organized the first Boys State at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. The American Legion Auxiliary sponsors a similar program for young women called Girls State. At American Legion Boys State, participants are exposed to the rights and privileges, the duties and the responsibilities, of a franchised citizen. The training is objective and practical, with city, county, and state governments operated by the students elected to the various offices. According to the daily blog kept by the Texas Boys State, on Thursday, June 15 boys participating in the program were divided up into what could be described as a model state legislature, a House and a Senate, and “members reported to their respective chambers and began debating and passing laws.” The official Boys State blog then reports on one bill that “in particular was highly favored by both chambers:” this was the bill for secession. After debating the merits of the proposed separation

Source: Texas Boys State Passes Secession Bill With “Cheering and Celebrating”