Are you seeing what I am seeing? Did Chuck Schumer just give a Nazi salute when McCain gave a thumbs down vote? – GodfreyDaily

This is a real head scratcher in what appeared to be a jubilant expression of victory Chuch Schummer comes out with what looks like a Nazi salute of triumph at the center left of the screen while you are watching the video. Instead of watching McCain give the thumbs down watch Schumer center left. You can make it full screen by clicking on the link at the top of the video to see it better. Haven’t heard anyone talking about this point around the web yet. Maybe it’s just excitement for him and his party considering his family is Jewish according to Wikipedia. Then again there are white people that are racist against whites and blacks against blacks so not sure. One thing for certain if Trump did what Schummer did in the Senate chamber the mainstream media would crucify him as they were selling tickets to the onlookers.