“The Democrats actually colluded with a foreign government like Ukraine,” she pushed back. “The Democrat-linked firm Fusion GPS actually took money from the Russian government while it created the phony dossier that’s been the basis for all of the Russia scandal fake news.” “Look no further than the Clintons,” for a relationship with Russia, Sanders retorted as reporters attempted to interrupt her statements. She cited the $500,000 former President Bill Clinton accepted to give a speech to a Russian bank. She added that Russian President Vladimir Putin himself thanked Clinton for giving the speech. She then cited the one-fifth of United States’ uranium that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton allowed to be sold to a Russian firm. Sanders added that the firm’s investors included Clinton Foundation donors. Evidence of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in selling U.S. uranium to Russian state atomic energy agency Uranium One during her time as Secretary of State is documented in Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash.

Source: Sarah Sanders Blasts Press for ‘Russia Scandal Fake News’, Points to Clintons’ Real Russia Relationships

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