Limbaugh: Hidden reason for FBI pre-dawn ‘raid’ on Manafort – WND

“The point is that once they find something to charge, then they’ve got leverage, and then they can offer a deal. ‘OK, Manafort, look what we found here. We found that back in 2008, you were doing X, and it led to event Y, and we don’t think you want people to know about this. We’re willing to let you go in this if you’ll turn state’s evidence or if you’ll tell us what was actually going on between the Trump campaign and Russia.’ That’s the great fear,” he explained. He said that’s why it’s a “very dangerous time.” “Remember, this is what did in Martha Stewart. They didn’t find any evidence of any wrongdoing, so they created the crime during the investigation. It’s become a staple, if you will, in the ammunition that prosecutors have at their disposal. If they want to get somebody, interview ’em 15 different times on the same subject. You get the point where the interviewee says, ‘I’ve told you this! I’ve told you this 10 times. What more …’ ‘We want to hear it again.’ And if there’s any variance, here comes the process charge. ‘You lied to federal investigators. You lied to us!’ ‘I didn’t lie. I got the date wrong.’ ‘You lied. That’s the charge! We have the power, we have the ability, we have the desire to charge you.’” He explained: “There’s no limits on this, folks. It is a very dangerous time for everybody involved. And when I saw this predawn raid … Look, it caught me up short because he supposedly is cooperating. You just don’t raid before everybody’s up. I mean, here you’re sleeping – you’re soundly sleeping – and all of a sudden lights and sirens outside your house before the sun comes up, and it’s the FBI with a search warrant?”

Source: Limbaugh: Hidden reason for FBI pre-dawn ‘raid’ on Manafort