One must conclude that some believe violence by leftists against others is acceptable, as is demonstrated on many college campuses across America. Apparently, many of the counter-protesters simply do not believe in freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, both protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Sadly, this even seems to be the view of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who stated that “the white supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today” need to “go home.” Stressing his point even more, he added, “There is no place for you here. There is no place for you in America.… Go home and never come back.” While one can sympathize with McAuliffe’s animosity against violent white supremacists and Nazis, it is not quite clear where he thought “home” for the alleged Nazis and white supremacists is, if they are American citizens. We can find their views reprehensible, but since when it is in the authority of the governor of Virginia to decide what social views are so reprehensible that these people are to be deported?

Source: Charlottesville Violence Advances Agendas of Leftists and Racists

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