Limbaugh: Who is really behind Charlottesville bloodshed?

Limbaugh said leftists demanded Trump specifically denounce the white nationalists and neo-Nazis because they’re seeking to tie the president to those racist groups. “This is about violence between two hate groups with no association with Donald Trump or the Republican Party, but the media is doing everything it can to associate the Nazis and the skinheads and the white supremacists with not just Trump, but the Republican Party,” Limbaugh explained. “That’s why the Republican Party, everybody in it ran to the microphones and condemned it. They did everything, ’cause they know that if they don’t go out and say that, the Drive-Bys (mainstream media) and everybody else on the left are gonna do everything they can to associate this with the Republican Party.” Limbaugh pointed out that both “reactionary fringe groups” – neo-Nazis and Antifa – are actually extreme leftists and are not aligned with Republicans at all.

Source: Limbaugh: Who is really behind Charlottesville bloodshed?