Major news agency calls punch-throwing leftists ‘peace activists’

It was nothing more than a caption on an image from Tuesday night’s violence by anti-Trump protesters after the president spoke in Phoenix, but it has created a significant backlash for Reuters, the news organization that transmitted it. It showed a man in a cowboy hat, holding a crutch, addressing someone with vehemence.  A couple of other people were standing around, including one taking pictures. “Pro-Trump supporters face off with peace activists during protests outside a Trump rally in Phoenix. REUTERS/Sandy Huffaker,” said the caption. The caption generated a collective gasp on Twitter. Monica Crowley simply said “‘peace activists’” while Vince Coglianese asked, “Didn’t the ‘peace activists’ throw rocks at the cops?” The leftists who have been protesting Trump at his every appearance call themselves “antifa,” an abbreviation for anti-fascist. But they demand that any speech but their own be silenced and regard any any opposition as “hate.”

Source: Major news agency calls punch-throwing leftists ‘peace activists’