Jews Continue To Be Targeted in France

Kalifat was responding to an attack late last week in a Parisian suburb upon a Jewish family in a home invasion. The government released the information Sunday. Three members of the family in Livry-Gargan, located in the northeast suburbs of Paris, were kidnapped, brutally beaten, and robbed. The National Bureau for Vigilance against Anti-Semitism (NBVCA) said the home belonged to Roger Pinto, who is president of the Siona group, which represents Sephardic Jews. The home was protected by metal bars, but the attackers cut through the bars to gain entry. Pinto was able to secretly contact the police, which caused the attackers to leave. The motivation appears to have been that because the family was Jewish, they “have money.” This motivation explains some of the historic animosity toward Jews in Europe — that they tend to be wealthier.

Source: Jews Continue To Be Targeted in France