President Donald Trump says he expects funding for his border wall to pass when he’s ready for it or Republicans will become the obstructionists in Congress.

Source: Trump says he did not do an immigration deal with Dems | Daily Mail Online

Godfrey’s note: When in doubt go to his twitter page. He is not going to send those who are established here and don’t know any other country and those that are serving in our military back to where they originated from and I think that’s the right call. The criminal element and the new illegals will be sent back I think. It makes our country safer and it gets rid of another Democratic vote helping Trump later on down the road. If Hillary would have won she might have absorbed any and all into this country who would vote for her. And giving voting rights from day one would have assured many more victory’s in the years to come but she lost and now its time for the Republicans to stack the deck. People will forever be shuffled around in the name of politics it would appear.

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