Video: Black Friday Mayhem

Godfrey’s note: I would advise muting the profanity in the video but this one shows you just how crazy some people are on black friday.

In Hoover, Alabama, the scrum in one mall became so violent that paramedics had to be called to treat the injured.

Walmart staff were filmed holding frothing female shoppers on the ground as they waited for security to arrive to carry them out.  

The violence was even more severe in Missouri where a 19-year-old man was shot outside a mall as shoppers rushed to snap up cut-price goods inside.  He is in a critical condition. 

On Friday, millions more flocked to shopping centers across the country as yet more deals became available. 

At the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there were snaking lines before the sun had even come up. The crowds were organized by barriers before being let inside at 5am.  

via Black Friday mayhem begins as stores open doors early | Daily Mail Online