Putin’s ‘Prince Vladimir’ revealed: ‘World’s deadliest sub’ can launch 20 nuclear warheads and destroy cities 6,000 miles away

A new class of Russian submarines that could decimate a city almost 6,000 miles (9,300 km) away has been unveiled.

The Knyaz Vladimir, or Prince Vladimir, can launch up to 20 nuclear warheads and dive to radar dodging depths of 400 metres, making it virtually undetectable.

A total of eight of the Borei class subs will be built by 2025, according to reports in state media, including five of the upgraded mark two vessels like the Vladimir.

They will be capable of launching 96 to 200 warheads yielding 100-150 kilotons apiece, ten times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

via Russian sub can hit cities 5,778 miles away with nukes | Daily Mail Online