The Washington Post got it right, saying “The U.S. Embassy here will exude openness while hiding all the clever ways it defends itself from attack…One assumes there is a CIA station, but that was not on the tour.”
Moving on the security features, here are some descriptions from a selection of media sources.

The Daily Mail: Fortress America on the banks of the Thames, featuring a security moat”.

Financial Times: A section of its grounds facing the river are publicly accessible and a cascade billed as a “water feature” actually conceals a massive concrete base resistant to every form of attack.

The Telegraph: Buffered by an 8ft-deep, crescent-shaped moat and surrounded by armed guards, London’s new US embassy appears like Fort Knox amid a tangle of cranes and construction work.

Fox News: It is a high-tech high-security fortress in London. At $1 billion, the new U.S. embassy in the UK is the most expensive ever. The walls are blast-resistant. The glass is shatter-proof. It is diplomacy in the age of terror…Suspicious vehicles near the site triggered controlled detonations earlier this year.

Evening Standard: Ramparts: the embassy includes a multi-level garden to act as a security barrier.

via Why Does The New $1 Billion US Embassy In London Need The First Moat Since Medieval Times | Zero Hedge

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