Trump: DACA Dead, Illegal Invasion Killing Us – rushlimbaugh

There is happening at the very moment we speak a caravan, it’s actual an invasion, but there is a caravan of thousands and thousands of people, largely not from Mexico, from El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, and they’re on what has become an annual trek to leave their own countries to come to the U.S.-Mexico border and get into the United States. It’s anywhere from a thousand to 5,000.

Now, the rub here is that the Mexican government is helping them, although the Mexican government is denying that they’re offering any assistance at all. They, in fact, are. They are arranging buses and they’re arranging safe passage and Trump is fit to be tied because nobody is willing to help him stop this. And of course he’s absolutely right.

I mean, this has been asked I don’t know how many times, what’s the greatest threat we face? And it’s hard to nail down just one, but I’m telling you this massive invasion of illegal immigrants — nobody here is opposed to legal immigration, but this massive invasion of people that have no desire to really become Americans, the distinct American culture is under assault daily and constantly, and of course the whole Democrat Party’s in favor of these people showing up. All they see is future voters.

via Trump: DACA Dead, Illegal Invasion Killing Us – The Rush Limbaugh Show

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