US reveals it KNEW Israel was going to launch Syria air base strike that ‘killed fourteen’ including Iranian troops after Trump said there’d be a ‘big price to pay’ over horrific gas attack that killed 40 – DailyMail

U.S. officials have today revealed that President Donald Trump knew Israel was going to attack a Syrian airbase in a raid that killed 14 people.

Two sources told NBC News that Israel carried out the strikes and that Washington was informed in advance.

It came just hours after Trump promised to respond to Putin and Assad over a chemical weapons attack that killed 40 people in Syria.

Russia called the strike on the T-4 military base in Homs province a ‘very dangerous development’.

Moscow said two Israeli F-15 fighters launched the attack while flying over neighbouring Lebanon, targeting the base with eight missiles  – five of which were shot down.

via Syria airstrike: ‘Fourteen dead’ including Iranian fighters | Daily Mail Online

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