Trump Pulls US Out Of “Unacceptable, Defective” Iran Deal; Obama Slams Decision As “So Misguided” – ZeroHedge

President Trump is withdrawing the U.S. from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran

Trump is reinstating sanctions on Iran, but didn’t explain how that will play out

The deal “should have never never been made,” the president says

Trump says the Iran deal negotiated by the Obama administration failed to protect America’s national security, but he didn’t give any examples

Iran’s ballistic missile program feature strongly in Trump’s remarks, even though this activity wasn’t covered under the original agreement

Trump cited Iran’s involvement in other regional conflicts, including Yemen and Syria

While his statement started out using the harshest possible language to describe the Iranian regime, he softened his tone to talk about the Iranian people

The president cited “evidence” from Israel to back his claims on Iran’s activity

Trump compared his actions today to the ongoing negotiations with North Korea to bring an end to that country’s nuclear program

Rouhani, commenting on Trump’s announcement, says Iran can achieve benefits of the JCPOA with five countries. He said that the country is prepared for enrichment IF NEEDED in three weeks

“The EU is determined to act in accordance with its security interests and to protect its economic investments” in Iran, EU foreign policy chief Mogherini said. The bloc signals it won’t shy away from a showdown with Trump

Former US President Barack Obama called Trump’s decision “so misguided.”

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres calls on other nations to preserve Iran deal.

via Trump Pulls US Out Of “Unacceptable, Defective” Iran Deal; Obama Slams Decision As “So Misguided” | Zero Hedge

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