Exclusive Excerpt from Ann Coulter’s ‘Resistance is Futile!’


In her first post-election interview on May 2, 2017, Hillary Clinton blithely announced that she was now “part of the Resistance.” It was a total break with American history—the losing side in an election is generally known as “the loyal opposition.”

If Donald Trump had said such a thing about Hillary—or, God forbid, about Obama—it would have been taken as a Klan reference. There would have been demands to imprison him. He’s issuing a call to violence! “Resistance” is a military term! It’s a “dog whistle” to the militias and the KKK!

What if Trump supporters then went on a violent rampage, donning masks and beating up Hillary supporters? I think everyone would recognize that we were in the middle of a fascist uprising. But Hillary’s claim to be part of the Resistance, followed by organized violence against conservatives, seems to alarm no one— apart from the people getting beaten up.

via Exclusive Excerpt from Ann Coulter’s ‘Resistance is Futile!’