Coulter: Hey Commander! Start Commanding! | Breitbart

We have fought what look like “wars” in Korea, Iraq and Yugoslavia — all on the president’s say-so, with little or no congressional involvement, least of all a declaration of war. This is the precise opposite of the Constitution’s words, framework and intent. Starting wars was supposed to be difficult. Defending the nation was supposed to be easy. Indeed, repelling attacks on our border is so important that both the legislature and president are given authority to do so. But today, it’s considered perfectly normal that U.S. troops are fighting in 14 countries that most Americans couldn’t name, while our border is wide open. You can say that illegal aliens streaming across our border is not a “military invasion,” but, as even George W. Bush recognized after the 9/11 attack: We are in a new kind of war now. This is not the Franco-Prussian War, fought with colors and feathers, but a war of “lone wolves” and millions of civilians breaking into our country and harming our citizens. Who can say with a straight face that the importation of tens of millions of Latin Americans has not changed the character of our country, the safety of our people and the economic prospects of so many of our fellow countrymen?

Source: Coulter: Hey Commander! Start Commanding! | Breitbart

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