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Rush Limbaugh: Barr’s ‘spying’ probe ‘monumental’ – WND

“I honestly don’t think that what has happened today has sunk in yet,” Limbaugh said Wednesday on his national broadcast. “For over two years the entire reason for the existence of CNN and the New York Times and all the rest of these media people was to propel, to amplify, to solidify the idea that Trump colluded with Russia and is therefore an illegitimate president and maybe a traitor, for two years. And they did it with certitude.“They did it with smiles on their faces and every guest they brought in and every panel they assembled had the same premise, had the same belief. They pummeled it. They pummeled people over the head with it. They didn’t let people breathe. Every time anybody looked at CNN, that’s all they saw. If you read the New York Times, that’s all you saw. If you watched MSNBC, that’s all you saw,” he explained.“For over two years, when you

Source: Rush Limbaugh: Barr’s ‘spying’ probe ‘monumental’ – WND

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