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Does 2+2=white privilege? Professor Argues Against “Truths and Knowledge”; Says Math=White Privilege

Does 2+2=white privilege? This appears to be the case, accor

ding to a college professor who says that mathematics “operates as Whiteness” and needs to be “rehumanized.”The academic making Euclid roll in his grave is Rochelle Gutiérrez, a professor of mathematics education and Latino/a studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Academia’s answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gutiérrez insists that we must “reconceptualize” mathematics as her invention, “Mathematx.” This mirrors “Latinx,” the Orwellian term social engineers would use to describe a Latino person in a “gender-neutral” way.(Note: Gutiérrez has generally been identified, incorrectly, in the media as a “math professor”; in reality, her doctorate is in “Curriculum and Instruction,” not mathematics.)Gutierrez has an audience, too: Often invited to speak about her effort to infuse math with relativism, she’ll be leading a discussion at Minnesota’s Carleton College this October as part of the school’s Convocation Series.

Source: Professor Argues Against “Truths and Knowledge”; Says Math=White Privilege

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