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Polls Indicate Impeachment Scheme Losing Popularity

The most recent analysis of poll data finds that Democrats are likely to turn out as the big losers in their impeachment gamble. Even as that analysis shows the impeachment machine is losing steam, President Trump’s approval ratings are gaining. As predicted, impeachment seems to be backfiring for Democrats.The analysis, published by Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight since October 2 and updated Sunday, is the result of taking data from other available polls and comparing it to remove duplicate or skewed information. As the site explains:We are collecting all the polls we can find that ask respondents some version of a yes-or-no question about whether they support impeaching Trump, though some polls also give respondents a “don’t know” or “no opinion” option. If the same poll asks more than one impeachment question (using different wording), we include both questions, but the results of those questions are averaged together, then input into the model, so the poll is not double counted.

Source: Polls Indicate Impeachment Scheme Losing Popularity

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