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GREEN NEW STEAL: The Democrat Party’s ultimate coup d’etat – WND

Climate change and particularly its “solutions” championed by the Democratic Party actually are the far left’s secret weapon – its atomic bomb – for destroying capitalism and America’s existing social, moral and economic order and replacing it with an entirely new socialist, globalist order. It is the real ongoing coup d’etat – the attempted overthrow not just of President Donald Trump, but of America.

Right now, millions of American school children are terrified, anxious and depressed as a result of being indoctrinated via sensational “news stories” quoting politicians and “experts” who insist human-caused global warming will soon lead to the end of life on earth as we know it.

Little do those kids know that America’s most prestigious news organizations have been utterly obsessed with tales of catastrophic climate change for well over 100 years.

Starting way back in 1895 – when Grover Cleveland was president, the sport of volleyball had just been created and “America the Beautiful” was first published – the New York Times announced the coming of a new ice age. That’s right. Americans were in danger of freezing to death.

Source: GREEN NEW STEAL: The Democrat Party’s ultimate coup d’etat – WND

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