Furious Democrats Faced With A Daunting Question: Will They Dare To Challenge Trump’s Stimulus Orders | Zero Hedge

As a result, with the stroke of a pen – literally – Trump wrested core powers away from Congress, after weeks of discussions over a second pandemic rescue package stalled on Friday, putting democrats in the highly unpopular position of being the party that withheld funding from the people. Democratic in turn, claim they were pushing for a much more expansive relief plan – even if they refused to release a small package of much needed fund, and have called the orders an insufficient stopgap that will be difficult to implement.As a result, unwilling to give up the fight and more than willing to put American financial stability in jeopardy, the president’s directives are likely to get tied up in litigation over whether they violate core constitutional principles like the separation of powers.“If he could actually help people, that would be great,” said Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard University. “But the Constitution isn’t a magic wand for the president. Anything as sweeping as what he’s promising is just pie in the sky.”To critics, Trump’s success in nullifying the influence of the two bickering parties looks illegal end run around Congress, which has spending power under the Constitution. House Democrats sued to prevent a similar effort by the White House to finance the construction of a wall on the Mexican border using funds redirected from the Defense Department, although the Supreme Court last week declined to halt the construction of the wall.“He’s basically saying he doesn’t need to rely on Congress’s power of the purse — he can simply spend money, and he can spend it on whatever he wants,” Tribe said. “And that’s simply not the law” even though millions of Americans – and countless Democrats – will surely side with the man who just greenlighted $400/weekly into their bank accounts.But, as Bloomberg puts it, a key question is, who will sue?While they have criticized the orders as insufficient and impractical, congressional Democrats may view it as politically risky to block payments to Americans in distress.

Source: Furious Democrats Faced With A Daunting Question: Will They Dare To Challenge Trump’s Stimulus Orders | Zero Hedge

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