His name written upon our hearts, his blood now I see, the spirit of God indwelling, His word alive in me. He watches over us night and day from the rising to the setting sun, Till the race of life is over, till the final battle won.

I’ll shout with a voice of triumph! I’ll shout for victory! I’ll shout O hallelujah! When my Lord, I shall see.

He’ll wipe the tears from our eyes and heal every pain. I see a crimson stream of blood will be the glad refrain.

Until we shall be like him, until that final day, onward Christian soldier, grow stronger as we pray,

Jesus the master calls, to whosoever will, living waters waiting, for the hungry soul to fill,

Angels all around us, ministering day by day, to the needs of his people every time we pray. A wall of fire around us, there’s nothing now to fear, march on Christian soldier and do the masters will, yes, do the masters will. The alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, Emanuel, God with us, there is no closer friend – R. L. Godfrey


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