With UN Discredited, Globalists Pursue “League of Democracies” – TNA

With the scandal-plagued United Nations increasingly marginalized and ridiculed as a “dictators club” in the United States, Deep State globalists appear to be pursuing a “Plan B” of sorts to move their agenda forward. Meet the proposed “League of Democracies,” a decades-old plot being rehabilitated and peddled by the global-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations, the powerhouse Carnegie Foundation, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and various propaganda organs of the globalist establishment. If successful, globalists hope the proposed alliance of 10 “democracies” will quickly become a European Union-style entity advancing globalist goals.

The scheme for creating this planetary league of “democracies,” known as “D-10” among supporters, was first reported publicly in May. However, despite being reported as a novel idea, the plan to develop an alternate mechanism for advancing globalism has been on the Deep State’s agenda for decades. According to news reports, British Prime Minister Johnson’s government had already approached Washington, D.C., about it. The Times of London reported that the proposed alliance would include all of the Group of 7 (G-7) governments — United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Canada — representing more than half of global wealth. Also involved would be the governments of Australia, South Korea, and India.

Source: With UN Discredited, Globalists Pursue “League of Democracies”

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