Trump calls USPS whistleblower a ‘brave patriot’ after the mailman said he had NOT recanted Pennsylvania voter fraud allegation – despite Democrats saying he told postal inspectors it was not true – DailyMail

Postal Service employee Richard Hopkins had signed an affidavit with allegations of ballot tampering and fraud in Erie, Pennsylvania He told his story to Project Veritas and his claims were picked up by Judiciary Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham and a Trump campaign lawsuitBut the postal worker then ‘recanted’ the claims when interviewed by Post Office Inspector General’s Office investigators, the House Oversight Democrats said Hopkins now claims he ‘did not recant’ the allegations and has accused investigators of ‘coercing’ and ‘playing’ him during questioningDonald Trump tweeted to call Hopkins a ‘brave patriot’ Tuesday night Trump has made unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud

Source: US Election 2020: PA ‘voter fraud’ witness ‘RECANTS completely’ | Daily Mail Online

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