Chinese Sociologist Dr. Li Yi: We Are Driving America To Its Death; COVID-19 Has Been Beneficial For China, North Korea; There Will Be No U.S.-China War, But We Will Take Over Taiwan| MEMRI

2020 speech delivered at the Shenzhenwan Dialogue Forum in Shenzhen, China, that China would overtake the United States in GDP by 2027, and that COVID-19 has been harmful to the U.S. and Europe but beneficial to China and North Korea. He praised North Korea and its system for having “zero” COVID-19 cases and said that the number of COVID-19 deaths in China, which he claimed is 4,000, is virtually zero compared to the 220,000 deaths in the U.S..

Source: Chinese Sociologist: We Will Overtake the U.S. by 2027 | MEMRI

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