HERE’S THE LIST: 83 GOP Lawmakers Refused to Object to Rampant Fraud in the AZ Presidential Election

REPRESENTATIVE PARTY STATE VOTEAmodei Republican Nevada NAYArmstrong Republican North Dakota NAYBacon Republican Nebraska NAYBalderson Republican Ohio NAYBarr Republican Kentucky NAYBentz Republican Oregon NAYBuchanan Republican Florida NAYBuck Republican Colorado NAYBucshon Republican Indiana NAYChabot Republican Ohio NAYCheney Republican Wyoming NAYComer Republican Kentucky NAYCrenshaw Republican Texas NAYCurtis Republican Utah NAYDavis, Rodney Republican Illinois NAYEmmer Republican Minnesota NAYFeenstra Republican Iowa NAYFerguson Republican Georgia NAYFitzpatrick Republican Pennsylvania NAYFortenberry Republican Nebraska NAYFoxx Republican North Carolina NAYGallagher Republican Wisconsin NAYGarbarino Republican New York NAYGonzales, Tony Republican Texas NAYGonzalez (OH) Republican Ohio NAYGraves (LA) Republican Louisiana NAYGrothman Republican Wisconsin NAYGuthrie Republican Kentucky NAYHerrera Beutler Republican Washington NAYHill Republican Arkansas NAYHinson Republican Iowa NAYHollingsworth Republican Indiana NAYHuizenga Republican Michigan NAYJohnson (SD) Republican South Dakota NAYJoyce (OH) Republican Ohio NAYKatko Republican New York NAYKeller Republican Pennsylvania NAYKinzinger Republican Illinois NAYKustoff Republican Tennessee NAYLaHood Republican Illinois NAYLatta Republican Ohio NAYMace Republican South Carolina NAYMassie Republican Kentucky NAYMcCaul Republican Texas NAYMcClintock Republican California NAYMcHenry Republican North Carolina NAYMcKinley Republican West Virginia NAYMeijer Republican Michigan NAYMeuser Republican Pennsylvania NAYMiller-Meeks Republican Iowa NAYMoolenaar Republican Michigan NAYMooney Republican West Virginia NAYMoore (UT) Republican Utah NAYMurphy (NC) Republican North Carolina NAYNewhouse Republican Washington NAYOwens Republican Utah NAYPence Republican Indiana NAYReed Republican New York NAYRodgers (WA) Republican Washington NAYRoy Republican Texas NAYSchweikert Republican Arizona NAYScott, Austin Republican Georgia NAYSimpson Republican Idaho NAYSmith (NJ) Republican New Jersey NAYSmucker Republican Pennsylvania NAYSpartz Republican Indiana NAYStauber Republican Minnesota NAYStefanik Republican New York NAYSteil Republican Wisconsin NAYStewart Republican Utah NAYStivers Republican Ohio NAYTaylor Republican Texas NAYThompson (PA) Republican Pennsylvania NAYTurner Republican Ohio NAYUpton Republican Michigan NAYVan Duyne Republican Texas NAYWagner Republican Missouri NAYWaltz Republican Florida NAYWenstrup Republican Ohio NAYWesterman Republican Arkansas NAYWittman Republican Virginia NAYWomack Republican Arkansas NAYYoung Republican Alaska NAY

Source: HERE’S THE LIST: 83 GOP Lawmakers Refused to Object to Rampant Fraud in the AZ Presidential Election

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