I am the editor-in-chief of GodfreyDaily. I’ve been bringing people the highlights of the best news around the net every day for years now. I try to set my readers free by the power of knowledge and the power of God.

I give them the truth as I know it. We live in a world where freedoms are diminishing rapidly, we live in a world where people are offended at every little thing, and every major thing, even the symbol of the American flag, and the God-given freedom it represents to this great nation called America.

Today we see government encroachment growing and spreading its tendrils with new laws that limit everyday freedoms. I am not anti-government, I know there are good men and women who serve this country with the highest degree of honor. However, I don’t think America should be militarizing our police force, pushing its way into our schools, or demanding what we eat, drink, and read.

And I certainly don’t think our students should be tracked, traced, scanned, and treated like cattle out on the range. I don’t think our freedom of speech should be limited to free speech zones or encouraging kids in public school to watch and listen for “behavioral signals” of their parents to find the boogeyman in our homes, to literally make us afraid of what we say in private. To me, that is the most diabolical censorship of all, where the government is God, and saying or doing the wrong thing could end your way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Also, American’s have allowed themselves to be so heavily taxed by their government that one must work himself to an early grave to have enough to live a miserable life. Even on its best day, Government is an unavoidable evil and at its worst, an unendurable task master. Good people, good government, bad people, bad government. I love freedom. Freedom of speech and freedom from all forms of tyranny great and small.

Some of my readers will also enjoy the religious side to the news I bring them on the weekends, or whenever I feel the urge. I firmly believe without Jesus Christ we are hopeless, helpless, poor, and lost. Not only do I try to bring my readers the best stories out there on the web, but I write my own as well. To bring men to the understanding of God’s word for us today. To help people follow their God given conscience. Reminding them the cross of Christ is ever within reach in all its saving power to mankind.

Because true freedom starts with prayer and ends with a relationship with the God of the bible that will last the test of time for you and future generations to come. This is what I am about, and it is my hope that you will call GodfreyDaily your home away from home now and in the future.

My God bless you all and thank you for reading me.

Godfrey was one of the few people on the planet who predicted a Trump presidency at the start of the presidential race. He is also a writer, astute student of the bible with a year in seminary school, and has studied the book of revelation extensively under one of the greatest biblical authorities of our times. Godfrey is a libertarian. He is pro-life, believing state rights do not supersede God-given human rights, and his mantra would be the immortal words of Patrick Henry who said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”


  1. Hello Godfrey I’m one of your Valve/Steam friends. Yes — nice site , looks like a lot of work. I have tried making a few web-sites myself in the past — good job <MarkM


  2. Really dig the topics covered here, all important and relevant to today. You keep up the good fight & the good work


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