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Update: Amid escalating tensions and stern words from both sides (China warning both Canada and the US over Huawei CFO's arrest, warning of "retaliation" and "further action", with the US countering with "hard deadlines" and concerns of "predatory behavior"), US futures have tumbled at the open, back below Thursday's pre-panic-bid lows.
via Futures Tumble After China Summons US Ambassador, Threatens "Further Action" Over Huawei Arrest | Zero Hedge
Richard Moyes, an honorary fellow at the University of Exeter and founding member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (CSKR), has come out and said that the long-term use of Terminator-like killer robots could result in unnecessary loss of life (stock) A University of Exeter honorary fellow has called for more control of killer robots He has said they should be overseen by humans and not have total autonomy The machines may cause unnecessary death to both civilians and soldiers An international agreement to prohibit fully autonomous killing machines was blocked  in September by a handful of nations - including Australia and the US
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